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Sunday, November 05, 2006

My tribute to PC and Console Gaming .... Part II

Ok here's a video done by World of Warcraft player and its one of the cool one ive seen hehe
its actually a music video done by him and complaining why he has to wear cloth rather than leather or mail or plate..hahaha mage on mail or plate..GG(Good Game = meaning in the game tats it..its done..finished!)

Ok here's the video..enjoy it as much as i did :)

sorry it cant be embedded ere so thats the url of the video in youtube..

Ok basically im playing WoW (World of Warcraft) in Ocenia server and the name of the server is Jubei`Tos said im playing a Tauren (a race) SHAMAN (a class) of the Horde. Im basically lvl 60 (maximum level currently until the new expansion is out by end of the year) and i have several other characther as well..priest..warlock. Hmm im more of a caster kind of casting rather than melee..the casters class for horde are priest, mage, shaman, druid and warlock. The rest of the other classes are warrior, hunter and rogue. Will continue again later..
anyway have a great weekdays guys..happy working :)


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