The man who sold his world

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My tribute to PC and Console Gaming ....

so..finally im back hmm well ive been thinking for sometimes what i should write on my blogs..instead of writing nuthin might as well i write something which at least something new to others so i decided to write bout the games ive been playing all this while..since my young life till now..hmm where should i start..for now my 1st love and most is World of Warcraft..its an online game played by millions all around the world..the website is check it out if u guys wanna have a look at it..ere i post one of the pictures of the game

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this is the city of Night Elf (NE) called Darnasus ...

well im part of the Horde which consist of Tauren (my race), Undead the Forsaken, Orcs and Troll..on the Alliance side is Human, Gnome, Dwarfs and Night Elf..i will write more..