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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Malaysian Life

i was staring at the television tonite while waiting for my mee goreng mamak and teh ais(tarpau!!) and pak lah on tv saying the new rate/tariff for our electricity...hmm everyone knows its going coz apparently yeah due to the price hike in fuel...and soon again everything will be up again....

1. Fuel increase all prices increases but not our salary ( who's did business studies? did someone said salary increase is coherant with the inflasion rate?)
2. Fuel increase electricity increases and soon water too....wait a minute..! if water increase then what do we have?
3. Fuel increase everything increases..not our salary but our financial responsibility increases (food, fuel, entertaiment,drinks, cloths, whatever u want to put in) and left with us either -ve in the bank(due to credit card/loans) or barely enough to achive RM10,000 a year savings!
4. Fuel increases electricity increases and MPPJ MPSJ MPAJ also wanna increase the taxation! and why? due to the increases and to sustain their expenses. Their expenses??!! what do they do? pot holes? entertaiment center which build for millions and never used? owh better news! all those billboard at federal highway put up with a fees!! yes fees goes straight to MPPJ's sports club! <-- the richest sports club in msia..
5. Fuel increases bla bla support goverment to provide better transportation for the citizen ( what an excuse!) ppl in selangor paid further increase in fuel to sponsor 2nd link bridge in penang! IN PENANG!! ask ppl in penang to pay for it la!!
6. Fuel increases bla bla bla ppl in other states didnt get i know why there's still massive poverty in kelantan..owh wait kelantan is not part of msia...its under PAS..blegh!
7. Fuel increases bla bla bla...where does the money goes...under Msian Act all company have to submit yearly auditted account for goverment to monitor in case they escaped taxation..and goverment exempted to do so...GREAT!! This is democracy!! Hurrahh!!
8. Fuel increases bla bla bla...sigh and im still a proud person to be ppl said compare yaself to other countries like our neighbours (Singapore NOT!) and we're much lucky than them...yeah i know its true..i am lucky yet i dont want to see my beloved country to be like them one day coz its starting to look that way....
9. Fuel increases bla bla bla...the rich is getting richer..politicians too..the middle classes are getting pressured and the poor benefits it (thats the goverment said) and where am i? no wonder im so stressful..
10. Fuel increases bla bla bla....had enough of complaining..bring this to dewan rakyat! owh i cant coz i might be labelled against the shut the f**k up!! go to work!! make more money and pay taxes!!
11. Fuel increases bla bla bla..might as well im dead...owh the land price is up too? owh sand? due to fuel hike? owh!...hmm mati pun susah ka?? hiiyoooo!!! sigh!!
12. Fuel increases bla bla bla and internet connection is still like before...hey ure using 1Mbyte ADSL? owh ya? thats what telekom said!! try check your connectivity! toot! *telekom center* owh En. apparently it is stated in the contract that its subjective when ure talking bout getting a full 1Mbyte and it depends but no worries as long as u get around 700kbyte or more its good enough!! owh ya? im getting less than 500 so how? it could be ya line sir!! so now ure transfering your problem to be my problem? sorry En i cant help u further.../slashwrist

p/s its just a "keluhan hati" from a true beloved msian and all the above is not to go against the goverment or any company but with hopeful they can make it better for everyone!!


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