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Friday, May 26, 2006

My lonely night

last nite i came back home with 100 episodes of Naruto ...well i never really did seeing it yet heard it was and wat the heck..just give a try...the episode started at episode 50 so i started at episode 50...and finished to 70 without realizing that its already 2am!! shoot! i watched from 7pm and man damn the anime is really good hahaha! i can say that now im a proud fan of Naruto!! geez i dont have life and i was told until episode 79 is damn bloody good ! gosh i cant wait to go back and watch hehe

working life so far seems ok..finished a few work i need to do and hope by monday tons more could be settled...see how ppl work when they are motivated or happy..many things can be settled in a day rather than weeks and months..gosh i still have a few job offers to consider and im not sure which i should go for...

as for my gaming kinda quit for a while since there's tons of turmoil with regards to the guild im in..arghh!! basically online game life is almost the same problem as in real life! but i did log in sometimes..coz i missed my friends in there...i have a few good friends whom i can really talk and share my minds..and they are australians and americans..maybe tomorrow i'll play the game the whole day hehe


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