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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The day i feel so empty

morning ! well i woke up with the feeling of not going to work hahaha but still dragged meself off the bed and shower and drive to work..and having a major plan to "mengular" the whole day tho tons of deadline by end of the week..argh!!

the plan is to go to cyberjaya settle the problem there while informing the office im off to semenyih after that but instead i go home and play the game i love most..

owh one thing bout a game addict..its world of warcraft..the best online game to this addictive once i took 3 days off jes to play..crazy uh..yet the ppl inside are so cool and had a good conversation and all...visit the website.. bout the game

i need a new graphic card to support the game..not that i cant play at home but i need a rm500 graphic card for better performance :( sigh money money money!

im off now..mengular time!! hmm thai massage would be nice hehehe


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