The man who sold his world

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My tribute to PC and Console Gaming .... Part II

Ok here's a video done by World of Warcraft player and its one of the cool one ive seen hehe
its actually a music video done by him and complaining why he has to wear cloth rather than leather or mail or plate..hahaha mage on mail or plate..GG(Good Game = meaning in the game tats it..its done..finished!)

Ok here's the video..enjoy it as much as i did :)

sorry it cant be embedded ere so thats the url of the video in youtube..

Ok basically im playing WoW (World of Warcraft) in Ocenia server and the name of the server is Jubei`Tos said im playing a Tauren (a race) SHAMAN (a class) of the Horde. Im basically lvl 60 (maximum level currently until the new expansion is out by end of the year) and i have several other characther as well..priest..warlock. Hmm im more of a caster kind of casting rather than melee..the casters class for horde are priest, mage, shaman, druid and warlock. The rest of the other classes are warrior, hunter and rogue. Will continue again later..
anyway have a great weekdays guys..happy working :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My tribute to PC and Console Gaming ....

so..finally im back hmm well ive been thinking for sometimes what i should write on my blogs..instead of writing nuthin might as well i write something which at least something new to others so i decided to write bout the games ive been playing all this while..since my young life till now..hmm where should i start..for now my 1st love and most is World of Warcraft..its an online game played by millions all around the world..the website is check it out if u guys wanna have a look at it..ere i post one of the pictures of the game

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this is the city of Night Elf (NE) called Darnasus ...

well im part of the Horde which consist of Tauren (my race), Undead the Forsaken, Orcs and Troll..on the Alliance side is Human, Gnome, Dwarfs and Night Elf..i will write more..

Friday, May 26, 2006

My lonely night

last nite i came back home with 100 episodes of Naruto ...well i never really did seeing it yet heard it was and wat the heck..just give a try...the episode started at episode 50 so i started at episode 50...and finished to 70 without realizing that its already 2am!! shoot! i watched from 7pm and man damn the anime is really good hahaha! i can say that now im a proud fan of Naruto!! geez i dont have life and i was told until episode 79 is damn bloody good ! gosh i cant wait to go back and watch hehe

working life so far seems ok..finished a few work i need to do and hope by monday tons more could be settled...see how ppl work when they are motivated or happy..many things can be settled in a day rather than weeks and months..gosh i still have a few job offers to consider and im not sure which i should go for...

as for my gaming kinda quit for a while since there's tons of turmoil with regards to the guild im in..arghh!! basically online game life is almost the same problem as in real life! but i did log in sometimes..coz i missed my friends in there...i have a few good friends whom i can really talk and share my minds..and they are australians and americans..maybe tomorrow i'll play the game the whole day hehe

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Malaysian Life

i was staring at the television tonite while waiting for my mee goreng mamak and teh ais(tarpau!!) and pak lah on tv saying the new rate/tariff for our electricity...hmm everyone knows its going coz apparently yeah due to the price hike in fuel...and soon again everything will be up again....

1. Fuel increase all prices increases but not our salary ( who's did business studies? did someone said salary increase is coherant with the inflasion rate?)
2. Fuel increase electricity increases and soon water too....wait a minute..! if water increase then what do we have?
3. Fuel increase everything increases..not our salary but our financial responsibility increases (food, fuel, entertaiment,drinks, cloths, whatever u want to put in) and left with us either -ve in the bank(due to credit card/loans) or barely enough to achive RM10,000 a year savings!
4. Fuel increases electricity increases and MPPJ MPSJ MPAJ also wanna increase the taxation! and why? due to the increases and to sustain their expenses. Their expenses??!! what do they do? pot holes? entertaiment center which build for millions and never used? owh better news! all those billboard at federal highway put up with a fees!! yes fees goes straight to MPPJ's sports club! <-- the richest sports club in msia..
5. Fuel increases bla bla support goverment to provide better transportation for the citizen ( what an excuse!) ppl in selangor paid further increase in fuel to sponsor 2nd link bridge in penang! IN PENANG!! ask ppl in penang to pay for it la!!
6. Fuel increases bla bla bla ppl in other states didnt get i know why there's still massive poverty in kelantan..owh wait kelantan is not part of msia...its under PAS..blegh!
7. Fuel increases bla bla bla...where does the money goes...under Msian Act all company have to submit yearly auditted account for goverment to monitor in case they escaped taxation..and goverment exempted to do so...GREAT!! This is democracy!! Hurrahh!!
8. Fuel increases bla bla bla...sigh and im still a proud person to be ppl said compare yaself to other countries like our neighbours (Singapore NOT!) and we're much lucky than them...yeah i know its true..i am lucky yet i dont want to see my beloved country to be like them one day coz its starting to look that way....
9. Fuel increases bla bla bla...the rich is getting richer..politicians too..the middle classes are getting pressured and the poor benefits it (thats the goverment said) and where am i? no wonder im so stressful..
10. Fuel increases bla bla bla....had enough of complaining..bring this to dewan rakyat! owh i cant coz i might be labelled against the shut the f**k up!! go to work!! make more money and pay taxes!!
11. Fuel increases bla bla bla..might as well im dead...owh the land price is up too? owh sand? due to fuel hike? owh!...hmm mati pun susah ka?? hiiyoooo!!! sigh!!
12. Fuel increases bla bla bla and internet connection is still like before...hey ure using 1Mbyte ADSL? owh ya? thats what telekom said!! try check your connectivity! toot! *telekom center* owh En. apparently it is stated in the contract that its subjective when ure talking bout getting a full 1Mbyte and it depends but no worries as long as u get around 700kbyte or more its good enough!! owh ya? im getting less than 500 so how? it could be ya line sir!! so now ure transfering your problem to be my problem? sorry En i cant help u further.../slashwrist

p/s its just a "keluhan hati" from a true beloved msian and all the above is not to go against the goverment or any company but with hopeful they can make it better for everyone!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The day i feel so empty

morning ! well i woke up with the feeling of not going to work hahaha but still dragged meself off the bed and shower and drive to work..and having a major plan to "mengular" the whole day tho tons of deadline by end of the week..argh!!

the plan is to go to cyberjaya settle the problem there while informing the office im off to semenyih after that but instead i go home and play the game i love most..

owh one thing bout a game addict..its world of warcraft..the best online game to this addictive once i took 3 days off jes to play..crazy uh..yet the ppl inside are so cool and had a good conversation and all...visit the website.. bout the game

i need a new graphic card to support the game..not that i cant play at home but i need a rm500 graphic card for better performance :( sigh money money money!

im off now..mengular time!! hmm thai massage would be nice hehehe

all i want is money!!

jes spoke to my managing director bout inquiring the whole shares of the company has in one of our subsidaries and he said OK! i was like WTF!! he agreed??!! whoah!! and even told him how much the share can be bought to him..only that he said well put it on paper and we'll see..

still i cant believed myself if this things go thro..i would be a majority share holder of a company which has already secured 2 big projects hmm..not bad uh..yet sigh as said if possible i wanted to leave this whole things behind me and start a new chapter of working life!! so sick and so tired of my field/industry now sigh....

Monday, May 22, 2006

the introduction!! no asl or whatever it is..

this is my 1st blog..and its been scary to write out things....what am i supposed to write on this damn thing? why ppl are so attached to blogging? sigh..but sometimes i wanted to write so much jes to get things out of ma system and urrghh!! *block* bah! writer's block uh as ppl said haha and im aint writer..!

another day..tuesday 23rd may 06..another routine at work ...sigh
wondering when can i have my own time...the time of your be with yourself to do anything u want to do without any worries in the world...

sigh back to work now..before the "boss" is back from his meeting..